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Improving patient health with continuous remote monitoring

Remote health monitoring is the next big thing in healthcare. With wearable monitors that can track everything from heart rate to sleep patterns, it is becoming easier for physicians to review patient data both as an individual instance and as part of a trend. This data also enables patients to take ownership of their health. The US Federal Communications Commission estimates that remote patient monitoring could help the healthcare industry save up to $700 billion over 15 to 20 years.

A continuous stream of data provides valuable insights into patient health outside clinical environments. This data can be used in combination with clinical data to devise better treatments for chronic illnesses like diabetes and blood pressure. RAMINFO has extensive experience in building remote patient monitoring systems for providers both in government and the private sector. We can integrate our solutions with existing healthcare applications.

RAMINFO has applied its RHM expertise to help governments deliver quality care to people in remote rural areas. Given the importance of privacy, we use industry-grade encryption to keep patient data safe from breaches. Our solutions have the functionality to seek and manage consent to access patient data. Advanced analytics embedded into our applications can be used to notify patients and providers of deviations in the health condition, thereby helping both to act early to minimise risk.