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In-patient hospitalization expenditure in India has increased by nearly 300% during the last ten years. More than 80% of the expenditures are met by out of pocket. Rural households primarily depended on their 'household income/savings' (68%) and on 'borrowings' (25%), the urban households relied much more on their 'income/saving' (75%) for financing expenditure on hospitalizations, and on '(18%) borrowings. Out of pocket (OOP) expenditure in India is over 60% which leads to nearly 6 million families getting into poverty due to catastrophic health expenditures.

Health insurance has become an important product as it protects one from the exorbitant medical costs incurred if one and his family face a medical emergency. Given the medical inflation which is rising unchecked, having health insurance has become very important.

Raminfo’s delivered 1.81 Croresof Health cards to the people of Andhra Pradesh under the unique health scheme being implemented by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh (AP). It is the flagship project of AP Government towards the achievement of universal health coverage for Below Poverty Line (BPL) families in AP.