World-class technology to help improve the quality of Healthcare services

NextGen Healthcare

Helping providers generate value from technology investments

Healthcare has traditionally been a big technology spender. Leaders of healthcare institutions are now under pressure to demonstrate value from their technology investments. Besides, CIOs of healthcare institutions want to save costs incurred towards managing traditional IT applications, so that they could shift the savings to new areas like analytics that will make them more competitive. It is important for CIOs to strike the right balance between maintaining the old and investing in the new.

We also bring a strong cost focus to rein in operational costs in maintaining healthcare IT infrastructure. By moving patient data to a hybrid cloud and by transitioning to usage-based pricing for key applications, we bring down IT costs and improve reliability. Healthcare providers must work with anIT partner that understands the complexity of healthcare.RAMINFO’smanaged services offer a perfect mix of cost-effectiveness, functionality and reliability.