World-class technology to help improve the quality of Healthcare services

NextGen Healthcare

Improve patient satisfaction and profitability

Healthcare is finally chasing patients rather than the other way around. Patients are demanding personalised, high-quality care. Meanwhile, insurers (or payers) are pressing providers to rein in costs and embrace preventive healthcare. To add another layer of complexity, patients who adopt healthy behaviours are being incentivised by payers with cheaper premiums. This is fast putting patient at the centre of the healthcare system.

In the past, a lack of patient focus meant that healthcare payers did not feel the need for a strong CRM. All that is changing in a hyper-competitive healthcare environment. Payers are now investing in systems that help them manage information about key stakeholders. Some challenges still remain. Several payers have failed to customise general-purpose CRM systems to fit their purpose. To solve this, RAMINFO’s healthcare-focused CRM is designed and built with payer requirements at its core.

Implemented in weeks as opposed to months, our CRM will help payers engage their key stakeholders better to boost growth and margins. Payers can also run targeted promotion campaigns based on a host of demographic and condition-specific parameters. RAMINFO’s healthcare CRM also integrates with EHR systems to enable a holistic view of patient health and provider performance. With our CRM, payers can improve profitability and patient satisfaction.