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Lighting solutions that save costs and improve safety

Smart lighting is often the first step taken by smart cities. An intelligent, connected lighting system saves governments millions of dollars. The city of Chicago, for example, is replacing 2,70,000 street lights with intelligent LEDs. This would help the city save up to 75% on energy costs, which translates to $10 million. As part of Indian government’s Smart Cities Mission, several cities are implementing smart lighting solutions to save costs and improve safety.

At the moment, most of the smart lighting projects are confined to upgrading existing sodium lamps to LEDs. At RAMINFO, we are casting our net much wider. With the emergence of intelligent sensors and micro-grids, we are fundamentally rethinking how cities are lighted. For example, the grid can automatically dim or brighten the lighting based on ambient light sensors. Similarly, the system can detect a failed light automatically and notify a repair technician.

RAMINFO partners with smart lighting providers including Fugenics to help cities improve their lighting infrastructure. Through our partners, we have end-to-end competencies in design, manufacture, supply and installation of smart street lighting systems. We have successfully implemented smart lighting solutions in the cities of Vijayawada and Rajahmundry. We are also working in the state of Telangana to upgrade existing lighting to smart LED lighting.

We believe it is important to look at smart lighting as an integrated part of other smart city infrastructure. Along with expertise in setting up LEDs, sensors and micro-grids, the ideal technology partner should also understand the structure of the local governments. This knowledge will help them implement integrated solutions that work well with other utility infrastructure. Our clients benefit from two decades of experience in working with governments across the country.