Our comprehensive suite of banking products helps banks thrive on the power of technology


Moving banks into the digital era

RAMINFO brings 15 years of experience in building critical technology that powers banking, financial services and insurance companies. Our SmartBanker™ platform helps banks manage their operations efficiently, while delivering superior services to its customers. Trusted by over 70+ banks, the solution enables end-to-end automation of all core banking functions. With SmartBanker™, banks can do everything better—from launching customer-centric products to managing risk.

A complete banking suite, SmartBanker™ is available as both a web-based or on-premise application for banks looking to automate corporate and retail functions. Built on a modular and extensible architecture, the platform can scale both horizontally and vertically. It is currently being used in over 200 branches across the country, managing over 2 million transactions daily. It offers industry-grade security and reliability to help banks mitigate the risk from cyber-attacks.

SmartBanker™ is supported by a highly-skilled team of banking domain and technology experts, who bring over 15 years of experience in building and maintaining banking solutions. We complement our solution with 24 X 7 tech support in local language. This dedicated workforce of over 100 professionals ensures that your core banking operations are running smoothly. Continuous back-up and redundancy procedures ensure that your data is safe.

Besides total banking automation, SmartBanker™ helps banks manage regulatory compliance. The powerful reporting functionality makes submitting statutory reports simple and easy. Managements can make smarter decisions with real-time insight into key metrics like leverage ratio, cash reserve ratio and profitability etc. For banks looking to upgrade their banking system or to implement a new one to meet the RBI’s mandate, SmartBanker™should be at the top of the consideration list.

SmartBanker™ Core Banking Suite comprises of four key modules:
  • eSmartBanker: A web-based and centralized core banking solution (CBS) covering all the functions of a bank. It supports multi-currency transactions across delivery channels.
  • SmartBanker: An advanced Total Branch Automation (TBA) banking product available in client-server architecture covering retail and corporate banking services. It is highly parameterized to support the dynamic nature of customer and regulatory requirements.
  • SmartALM: A powerful module that captures data for generation of Asset and Liability Management reports for the head office and branches, as prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India.
  • SmartInventory: An inventory management module to manage bank stationery including materials and resources. It helps in optimizing stationery use
Functional features
  • Complete core banking features for savings and current accounts, deposits, loans, cash, credit, clearing, locker, general ledger and asset & liability management etc.
  • Out-of-the-box functionality for tele-banking, internet banking and mobile banking
  • Advanced functionality to manage treasury, shares, standing instructions and customer data
  • Centralized control, inter-bank and branch reconciliation
  • Real-time transaction processing with detailed audit trail
  • Detailed reports for the RBI, IT, NPA, ALM and consolidation etc
  • Lowest monthly cost based on users
  • Reduced transaction time
  • Future-proof technology that supports multiple devices
  • Offline mode functionality for business continuity
  • Built-insecurity to mitigate cyber-attacks and other risks
  • Intuitive and user-friendly product for improved user engagement
  • Aadhaar linkage and integration for easy KYC authentication
  • Built-in income tax reports to save manual efforts
  • Customer Support in Local Language