A legacy of excellence

For 25 years, RAMINFO has been the digital transformation partner of choice for governments and companies. We started out as an innovative provider of e-Governance solutions at the dawn of the IT revolution. Our eSeva services are widely acknowledged as a game-changer in delivering citizen services. Over the years, we have expanded our portfolio to work with clients in sectors as diverse as government, fintech, healthcare, energy, IOT Analytics & Engineering services.

RAMINFO’s solutions embrace complexity and scale. We work for some of the largest governments and private-sector companies. Our solutions have enabled $10 billion worth of transactions so far. A quarter of India’s citizens are covered by our services. Our Understand—Develop—Deploy—Maintain approach helps us co-create innovative solutions by working closely with clients. We combine industry, design, technology and regulatory expertise in a consultative manner to deliver cutting-edge solutions that add value from day one.


We started as pioneers and stayed that way. Our eSeva, MeeSeva (AP & Telangana), Suvidha (UP) and other e-Governance Servicesshook up the e-Governance space in India. It was praised for its innovative use of technology to transform public services. Two decades later, the solution is still considered a challenging benchmark to beat. The same is true of our other solutions. Our unremitting focus on continuous innovation ensures that our solutions are at the forefront of technological excellence. When it comes to performance, we set the standard.

RAMINFO is launching a ground-breaking service titled Digital Gram Prathinidhi (DGP) that enables e-Governance, G2C, G2B, B2C Services at the citizens’ doorstep. We rolled this in Andhra Pradesh and we have plans to take this to other states across the country. As part of this novel initiative, a dedicated digital representative for a village will help people receive government services from the comfort of their home. This initiative will also improve digital literacy and create much-needed employment in rural areas.

We also believe that technology should adjust to the structure of client’s organization—not the other way around. We invest a lot of time in understanding the client environment and key actors to deliver solutions that are flexible and easy to use. As a SEI CMMi Level 3 and ISO 9001:2015, we follow comprehensive quality and sustainability processes. More importantly, we seek to push the frontiers of excellence in everything we do and that helps us remain competitive.

A brighter future ahead

We began operations in the age of the dial-up internet. Today, with new technologies like 5G, IoT, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and cloud are making new things possible—things that we could not have imagined 10 years ago. RAMINFO wants to ride this new wave of innovation to develop next-generation solutions for clients. We have always focused on developing capabilities internally and our 250-plus employees are constantly skilling up to take advantage of the new technologies.

We want to apply the power of disruptive technologies to solving the most pressing challenges of our clients. We have built close working relationships with our clients, which we are leveraging to grow organically. RAMINFO has plans to expand our footprint to 15 states from 7 currently. The company will enter new verticals like IoT, Engineering Services, Energy, Point of Care & Diagnostics Solutions. Our goal is to become a top 5 mid-size technology company in the next 3 years. As our clients look to benefit from rapid technological change, we believe that our expertise will remain indispensable in their transformation journey.
Listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange as RAMINFO(Scrip: RAMINFO, Code: 530951)

A brighter future ahead

RAMINFO is led by a talented leadership team with experience that represents a perfect balance between entrepreneurship, consulting and technology. Our board provides regular oversight and ensures that we follow world-class corporate governance practices.