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Smart Energy

Efficient and balanced IoT solution for street light monitoring system

Street Lights accounts for almost 20% of the energy consumptions, however this figure rises sharply for large cities and municipal corporations, wherein almost 40% of electrical energy cost is attributed to street lights, lights in parks and other public amenities.

With rising energy cost and reducing energy budget, there is an ever increasing demand for resourceful and energy efficient street lights without compromising public security and safety. It is only imperative that we adopt intelligent lighting systems that utilizes the latest advancement in IoT and sensor technology for energy efficient lighting.

Raminfo’s web based automated Smart Street Lights monitoring system enable remote operations. This saved 50% of energy and lead to high savings on cost. As long as street-lights continue to be operated and maintained manually, power consumption, transmission losses and operational inefficiencies will remain issues facing planners and administrators. Our Intelligent Street lights reduces electrical energy cost by almost 80% and also substantially reduce maintenance cost and improved availability.