Moving governments forward into the digital era

RAMINFO has made its name helping governments revolutionize the delivery of citizen services. Our work for the government of Andhra Pradesh has unveiled a new era of digital governance in India. Now, as technology penetrates ever deeper into the fabric of governance, RAMINFO stands as a leader in eGovernance solutions. We have rich experience in working with several arms of the government from revenue departments and finance to tourism and education.

Our work on eSeva has become a case study on using technology (limited in its power when it was launched) to deliver world-class citizen services in a manner that reduces cost and improves efficiency. The complexity of setting up service centers, delivering training and maintaining a large-scale IT implementation was thought to be insurmountable. But, RAMINFO has implemented the project meticulously and eSeva quickly became the service platform of choice for millions of citizens

Ever since, we have worked with several state governments including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Gujarat. We have brought to every engagement a disciplined approach to deliver expected results. Government systems should be built on a high-availability and secure architecture. Our eGovernance Center of Excellence (CoE) has some of the finest technology experts who have worked on diverse government engagements and understand what works.

Our technology team is perfectly complemented by domain experts who understand the command-and-control structure of the government. These experts build systems that are flexible to the wide-ranging requirements of governments. See below some of our projects for governments across the country: