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Smart cities are no longer the stuff of science fiction. With the emergence of technologies like the internet of things (IoT), 5G, cloud and artificial intelligence, urban centres are becoming smarter and better by the day. The provision of convenient public transport, intelligent traffic management, high-quality civic amenities and green spaces is at the top of every city’s agenda. Only cities that score well on these parameters will continue to attract people and growth.

Urban centres are busy hives of economic activity, contributing 70 percent to global GDP. They attract millions of people every year with the promise of a better life. A UN study estimated that cities will be home to about 68 percent of humanity by 2050. Increased migration is, however, putting enormous strain on the public infrastructure. This is forcing governments to look at smarter ways of building and managing urban infrastructure.

RAMINFO brings comprehensive expertise in working with national and state governments. We help build smart cities that will become the engines of economic growth. We have expertise in areas as diverse as smart lighting, water and waste management, traffic management, law enforcement and public transport. We combine this knowledge with our capabilities in technology and analytics to help governments make their cities connected, data-driven and efficient.

Upcoming mega-cities in Asia are expected to add an estimated 90 percent of the urban population in the coming three decades. This massive influx of people brings both challenges and opportunities. Cities that are able to use technology to improve living standards will be the ones that attract people, ideas, companies and growth. RAMINFO takes a holistic, incremental and data-driven approach to urban transformation to help governments create liveable and sustainable cities.