IoT & analytics

An end to end Digital Platform for Growth Monitoring at Anganwadi centres

One in three children in India are stunted, the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog has come out with a national strategy to fight maternal and child malnutrition and anaemia among women and girls. Recognising that India pays an income penalty of 9-10% due to a workforce stunted during childhood, the national nutrition strategy aims to bring nutrition to the centre stage of the National Development Agenda and has outlined a vision of Malnutrition Free India, reducing all forms of malnutrition by 2030. To achieve the vision, the strategy has outlined monitorable targets such as reducing the percentage of underweight children below 5 years from 35.7% to 20.7% by 2022. It also aims to reduce the prevalence of anaemia in children (6-59 months) from 58.4% to 19.5% and in women and girls from 53.1% to 17.7% in 5 years.

Malnutrition Analysis and Reporting System (MARS) is an integrated growth monitoring system which identifies and assists in curbing malnutrition among children and maternal mortality especially from low-income families enrolled in Anganwadi Centers. MARS provides real-time monitoring and reporting of nutritional status among Children, Pregnant and Lactating Women.

MARS, an IoT based integrated growth monitoring system enables the Anganwadi Teacher to monitor growth activity in a single click with the help of a Mobile App and the data is updated to the department portal and dashboard on real-time basis. This solution consists of a Growth Monitoring Device, a Mobile App and MIS portal (optional). There is absolutely no manual intervention required in data transfer as it happens through Bluetooth and GPRS. There is no scope for data manipulation at any level with this system.

MARS’s IoT platform binds Facial Recognition, Monitoring and Height & Weight measurement systems in a single application which every event happens in a sequence. Whilst, one not present, none of the functionality will move forward for assessments.

Every beneficiary needs to get into the registration process where individual’s images/videos are taken to bind with their details. Every month, when the beneficiary arrives for assessment, their images are scanned against live facial to recognise and authenticate the beneficiary. This authentication allows beneficiary to get them into application to capture their Height & Weight on any given date.

Beneficiaries whose height & weight details are captured through automated devices are directly pushed to application through IoT, Bluetooth technology. These values are recorded against the person while a facial scan is simultaneously running to prevent it from entering false beneficiary details

Once the details are recorded, MARS system presents dashboards and growth charts, which gives doctors readymade information with trends of data recorded from the past for further assessment and comprehensive analysis.