World-class technology to help improve the quality of Healthcare services

NextGen Healthcare

Upgrading legacy healthcare systems to powerful modern applications

Healthcare is receiving a fresh dose of innovation. Technologies like wearables, IoT and analytics are transforming the way care is delivered. Instead of episodic care, healthcare institutions are slowly shifting to a new paradigm where they deliver continuous, preventive care using technology. As healthcare innovation proceeds apace, some providers are also realising that legacy systems are becoming a bottleneck to realising full benefits of new technologies.

Over the years, RAMINFO has worked with several leading healthcare providers to build systems that improve the quality of care. We helped providers transition from legacy systems to modern applications without any disruption to their regular activities. Application modernisation is a long-term activity that requires careful planning and timely execution. We bring proven frameworks and automation tools to all our engagements.

Legacy applications pose great risks, especially in healthcare. Healthcare providers won’t be able to benefit from new technologies, they also face an increasing risk of cyber-attacks. An estimated quarter of data breaches happen in healthcare, which exposes providers to expensive fines and loss of reputation. RAMINFO has rich experience in upgrading legacy systems of healthcare, financial and government organisations to modern, secure systems.