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Improving the quality of patient care with information leverage

We live in an information economy. Ironically, it is still not easy to share patient information among providers securely and reliably. Patients carry their medical records to a physician in person, which are most often incomplete. This leads to repeat examinations or worse, wrong diagnoses. Physicians have long demanded a complete view of patient health that can be accessed electronically. Early EHR systems have disappointed them due to interoperability issues.

With full-spectrum healthcare expertise, RAMINFO helps healthcare institutions and governments implement standards-based health information exchange (HIE) systems. These systems help different providers share patient information among each other in a secure manner. Not only will this improve visibility into patient health, but it will also make co-ordinated care easy. RAMINFO has already helped several healthcare institutions implement robust HIE systems.

RAMINFO’s HIE solutions meet two critical information exchange requirements: share data securely via encryption and store data in a HIPAA compliant format that can be read by other healthcare applications. Our systems also support all three types of exchange: directed, query-based and consumer-mediated. Our solutions have helped providers improve the speed, safety and quality of patient care.