Gear up for your next million customers

The millennials are a demanding lot. The next million customers for banks are going to come from this generation. Millennials are digital natives and they expect everything to be done on their smartphone—on the go and across devices. This is radically transforming what it means to deliver a great banking experience. Speed is important and so is flexibility. Personalisation is taken for granted and the expectations for customer service are high. It’s a tough new world for incumbent banks

Lemonade—the chat-bot driven insurance app—recently processed a claim for a stolen coat in 3 seconds without manual intervention and paperwork. Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereumare bringing down the time and cost it takes to transfer money between countries. Peer-to-peer lenders like LendingClub are making it easy for people to get quick loans. All of these are tech companies and they are snatching away customers and business from traditional banks at a rapid clip.

RAMINFO has over two-decades of experience in helping incumbents—be they governments or large companies—benefit from the power of technology. Our Mobile Banking Platform helps banks offer convenient mobile banking services that not only offer a great customer experience, but also bring down costs. Like everything we do, we do not merely hawk products. We work closely with clients to understand their maturity level and bring them up to the desired level at a steady pace.

We help banks rollout IMPS, UPI, mobile wallets and other mobile banking services to help them compete with larger banks. Putting the right technology in place is however the easier part. Ensuring that the organisational structures are aligned to the redefined service model requires a consultative approach to technology implementation. This is where RAMINFO’s collaborative, client-focused approach helps us handhold our clients through the transformation journey.

The technology itself has changed radically. With a profusion of APIs and systems built on micro-services architectures, it is important to work with a partner who understand the intricacies of technology without losing sight of the big picture. For over 15 years, we have built strong domain and technological competencies in the area of banking, financial services and insurance. Our Mobile Banking Platform and services parlay this expertise into profit for our clients.