Driving the digital age

A connected world, dominated by a network of smart devices is where we are headed. We lead digital lives, even beyond work, be it the way we shop, bank, or entertain ourselves. Internet, today, is a utility, much like electricity or water. It has pervaded life to an extent that its presence is expected to be ubiquitous, while its absence disrupts life.

Internet being the driving element of a modern-day economy, its reach within a country is directly proportional to the development of the country. As per the World Bank, there is a 1.3% increase in the GDP of a developing nation, for every 10% increase in broadband penetration. This is why countries across the globe are actively investing in broadband technologies and establishing national broadband policies to drive the proliferation of internet.

Raminfo is a single-source engineer and integrator of end-to-end services for fiber optic networks. We have a dedicated team of professionals. We develop and build fiber optic solutions that meet the needs of our client organizations. Our engineering team provides the support required for preliminary planning, designing, permitting through as-built documentation as well as project management for our client’s projects. We provide consulting services during initial planning stages to get your project on the right track. Our services include fiber optic design engineering, budgeting, inspections, acceptance testing and documentation.

Our end-to-end Fiber Network Services covers the following:

Strategy & Assessment

Every project begins with a strategic assessment of our customer’s needs. During this phase, we determine the estimated costs based on the site locations our customers wish to connect. We then compare the cost of creating a private fiber optic network to the equivalent leased circuit fees and identify the return on investment (ROI). If ROI favors building, our services continue through board approval, design, engineering, Request for Bid (RFB) creation, permitting, project management, maintenance, and support. If ROI favors a leased circuit connection, we work with our customers to prepare fair and competitive bidding documents for lease providers and serve as consultative subject-matter experts throughout the process.

Design & Engineering:

When creating new, private fiber optic networks, we act as a single source provider, handling every aspect and managing every detail. We have the tools and talent necessary to create incredibly precise engineering plans that ensure your network is both approved and installed successfully. Whether your network is strung on utility poles or resides underground, you can rest assured it will meet all utility placement requirements.

Installation & Project Management:

With design and engineering documents approved and the necessary tools and resources procured, installation is ready to begin. Project management is critical during the installation process. Through continuous inspection and attention to detail, your Raminfo project manager will ensure your network is constructed to industry standards, conforms to design specifications and permitting requirements, and meets every deadline. Your project manager will be on-site and actively manage the process through to completion.

Maintenance & Support:

Once your fiber optic network is up and running smoothly, we take the added step of making sure it stays that way. We accomplish this by creating RFBs that align you with reputable contractors, capable of protecting your network from damage and potential outages. And as a long-term partner, we’ll help you navigate change as your network connectivity needs and IT infrastructure evolves.