"Giving tourism industry a new dimension with cutting edge IT services"

Historically, industry has witnessed a barometer of economic health. The few that have survived have seen a period of consolidation. But defined by its very true nature, travel and tourism industry is extensively exposed to the changing international norms and economic conditions. In fact the industry has marked a switch even in the technological arena and has joined the e-commerce swirl.

The fast pace at which the customers have adopted the online travel platform, the IT needs for tourism industry has grown more and more complex. Adoption of IT expertise will play an important role in redefining the boundaries of your business in this dynamic environment and finding corrective solution to the complex tech issues.

Slide in to give your travel business a rolling edge

Amidst tough economic scenario and constant globalization, tourism companies have been striving hard to meet their brand promise across all the stakeholder groups and through the value chain. At RAMINFO, we can help companies and organizations involved in the Tourism industry meet their business requirements with the use of the latest technologies available today.

Our services

  • Travel Platform
  • Transaction Processing Systems
  • Flight Booking Systems
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Loyalty Management Services
  • Online Booking Platform
  • Hotel Online Reservation Platform
  • Mobile Enabled Platform


  • Complete tourist destination and spot management
  • Convenient and comfortable travel reference
  • Realtime data analysis and summarization support for better decision making

In the present world, there are many challenges that an organization involved in the tourism industry faces. For example enhancing global footprint while remaining within the financial boundaries, and creating a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure. RAMINFO provides it all as part of its portfolio of services. We help our tourism industry clients establish eTourism stakeholders' network and cultivate innovation, exploration and knowledge within the working channels.