Infrastructure companies deploy heavy equipments like Tippers, Excavator, Loaders, Concrete Mixers, and Crushers in remote locations for mining and construction projects. Monitoring and managing these assets pose a huge challenge because of rugged use and the lack of connectivity in remote areas.

RamInfo Asset and Fleet Management Solution helps logistics-driven companies to achieve greater efficiency by getting a better visibility and control overall all their mobile assets.

The solution includes advanced GPS tracking equipment including sensors for tracking brakes, engine box, and other key components of the equipments. Companies can track the location of each vehicle as well as monitor its usage and use the information to improve performance & ROI.

Manage Assets Remotely

RamInfo's Asset Management module offers a comprehensive solution comprising of in-built GPS & Telematics sensors. The solution is resilient, ready for the taxing terrain in the remote areas. It lets the companies control these movable assets with a real-time view of each asset's location and utilization, among several other operations-critical inputs.

Maximize ROI with Optimized Deployment & Utilization

Through GPS monitoring of equipment, you know where and how your equipment is being used. You know immediately if equipment moves outside of a pre-defined area through a digital "geo-fence". You get to know all - How it is used? Is it being under or over used as per the defined duration on a daily basis? Can it be better utilized at some other site? Location information also helps you deploy equipment and workforce resources more efficiently.

Save on Fuel Costs and Reduce Emissions

Through data collected from sensors you can easily and more effectively monitor rugged usage, idling time so that you can optimize fuel consumption and efficiency.

Reduce Risk of Theft and Expedite Equipment Recovery

You can define a radius of security (A digital "geo-fence" around your equipment), to guard against asset theft. If digital fence is broken, an alert is immediately sent about that security breach.

Key Benefits

  • Proactive monitoring helps improve uptime, asset utilization, and communication - eventually leading to clearly definable cost control
  • Mitigates risk and therefore improves the ROI of each asset
  • Improves service delivery leading to a better customer relationship and higher revenue
  • Reduces total cost of ownership