"Accelerating innovation and emerging as leaders in the healthcare IT services"

In the recent years, Healthcare around the world has seen significant shifts in terms of technology used and overall quality of the care given to the client. The healthcare ecosystem is aiming for a more integrated approach, achieving it through collaboration among the various stakeholders. Transforming business models have possessed industry wide challenge and hence it becomes necessary to constantly imbibe them into the system.

Your challenges and our solutions

When it comes to providing IT services to the Healthcare industry, RAMINFO excels in providing the right platform to your business so that you stay ahead of competition. Our comprehensive portfolio includes electronic medical record generation, surveillance and documentation software, pre-operative software, decision support, digital pathology and healthcare technology consultancy.

The strategic healthcare vertical at RAMINFO aims toward providing a comprehensive presence throughout all the key segments of this industry. With our fully integrated business process outsourcing and various IT and consultancy services, handling the day-to-day client challenge will surely become easier and more streamlined.

Some of our other services include:

  • Legacy system modernization
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Maintenance of electronic health records and exchanges
  • Payer CRM benefits
  • Health information exchanges
  • Healthcare analytics coupled with business intelligence
  • IT infrastructure management and hosting

Shift to a patient centric healthcare system

RAMINFO has developed an expertise in delivering end to end solutions to the healthcare industry that covers various processes related to the healthcare payers and extends the boundaries of care. Not just the processes, the company even helps you to induct new technologies which supports and facilitates more efficient and effective delivery of healthcare services. With us by your side, innovation and transformation will become an integral part of your organization: the two things that are key ingredients for a long term success story.