Core Banking Products

In this new age, Information Technology (IT) has become critical for the survival and growth of banking institutions, as it helps in reduction of transaction costs, effective monitoring of business, and faster introduction of customer-centric products at competitive pricing. IT enables banks to efficiently respond to external and internal business changes.

RAMINFO’s Core Banking Products Suite, called SmartBanker™, is a completely web-based and centralized product platform for corporate and retail banking automation. It is a proven solution with deployments at hundreds of bank branches, managing over 2 million transactions daily.

SmartBanker™ offers both client-server and web-based options to suit the diverse needs of regional, state, and national level banks. It is built on state-of-art technology and meets the complex needs of the Banking Industry, essentially helping with integration of services that can be offered by all of a bank's branches from a centralized data center.

On the front-end level, it helps deliver a better customer service experience. And, on the back-end it helps with a centralized MIS, enhancing the decision support system and effective monitoring by top management.

Banking Automation is not just a customer-oriented or operational optimization strategy but a necessary step towards adhering to the tighter regulatory norms. RAMINFO’s Core Banking Products enable submission of statutory reports to various regulatory and governmental bodies. And, is especially helpful to Urban Cooperative Banks (UCB) to move to an automated banking environment, given the recent advisory by the nation’s central bank, Reserve Bank of India, which mandates all UCBs to implement Core Banking Solution before the end of current calendar year, 2013.

Here is an overview of the SmartBanker Core Banking Products Suite:

eSmartBanker is a completely web-based and centralized core banking solution (CBS) covering all the functions of a bank. It supports multi-currency transactions across all delivery channels.
SmartBanker is an advanced Total Branch Automation (TBA) banking product available in client-server architecture covering Retail and Corporate banking services. It is highly parameterized to support the dynamic nature of customer and regulatory requirements.

SmartALM captures data for generation of Asset and Liability Management reports between the head-office and branches, as prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India.

SmartInventory manages the bank's stationery department's activities including materials and resources. It helps in minimizing the costs by optimization of the use of stationery.

Functional Features

  • Complete core banking features for Savings & Current Account, Deposits, Loan, Cash, Credit, Clearing, Locker, General Ledger, Asset / Liability Management etc.
  • Advance feature for managing Treasury, Shares, Standing Instructions, User and Customer.
  • Centralized Control, Inter Bank/Branch Reconciliation
  • Real-time transaction processing with detailed audit trail
  • Detailed reports for RBI, IT, NPA, ALM, Consolidation, MIS etc


  • Lowest monthly cost based on users
  • Reduces transaction time
  • Future proof (Supported on multiple devices and updated as per regulatory compliance)
  • Capability to function in offline mode
  • Inbuilt Security
  • User Friendly

Value Propositions

  • Aadhaar Linkage
  • Income Tax Reports
  • Tele Banking
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • SMS Alerts