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NextGen Healthcare

Offering a comprehensive view of patient health

Analytics is transforming every sector and healthcare is no exception. In fact, healthcare ranks among the biggest beneficiaries of analytics and artificial intelligence. In a competitive environment, providers are realising that they cannot choose between low cost and high quality—they have to deliver both. Healthcare analytics helps physicians take a comprehensive look at their patient data and make sound decisions that lead to improved patient outcomes.

Developing world economies will certainly follow advanced economies towards a value-based care model. This will force hospitals to adopt data-driven processes that reduce costs and improve population health. In countries like India, where there is a severe shortage of specialist professionals like oncologists, analytics reduces the time it takes for doctors to make decisions, while improving the accuracy of diagnoses. This will help them offer better care to more patients than is possible today.

Similarly, administrators can identify key cost drivers and try to rein them in. It also helps them optimise the use of existing infrastructure for improved operational efficiency. Most providers are drowning in an ocean of data, but are struggling to make sense of it. RAMINFO helps healthcare institutions turn this data into insight with real-time dashboards and analytics. Our clients have seen a remarkable rise in clinical and operational performance.