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Smart Energy

Smart Cities begin with Smart Lighting

Now-a-days Street light have become a vital and mandatory aspect considering road safety. A lot of electricity is consumed by street lights. So it is imperative to save the power as much as we can. The cost of electricity continues to increase, hence energy saving by smart and intelligent control plays a vital role.

Cities, public organizations, and industries are joining the Smart City Initiative. One of the important components of Smart City is Connected Lighting. Cities, municipal corporations around are adopting the Connected lighting solution by replacing their old street light infrastructure with the Internet of Things based lighting which brings more efficiency in energy consumption and operational issues.

Raminfo’s CCMS is an automated system designed to improve the efficiency by automatically controlling the streetlight. It gives cities and municipalities the capability to remotely monitor & control the street lights in a much effective way. It ensure optimal on-field performance and savings ranges from 45-55%.